2013: Canal Run Half Marathon

It is the first time in my life that I have had the opportunity utilized the opportunity to participate in organized running events on back to back weekends. It is also the first time in my life that I have had the opportunity utilized the opportunity to participate in the same organized running event for a second time. Of all the organized running events that I have participated in so far this year — 5 mile Breakers to Bay, 10k Hodag Run and 6k Mt. Baldy Summit RunJourneys Half Marathon (in Eagle River, WI) and a 10 mile Hancock Canal Run (@CanalRun) were the only ones I had actually planned to take part in.

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2013: Hodag Run

It has been almost a month since Breakers To Bay – a 5 mile race from Houghton Breakers to Oskar Bay and about the same amount of time since the last run of any kind, not counting running around the bases and/or in the outfield in softball, and/or at work. Persistent and nagging dry cough due to allergies take much of the blame for keeping me tied down although an equal amount of, if not more, blame can be attributed to my own procrastination.

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2013: Breakers To Bay

It has been quite a while since I raced in a race of any kind — the last one being nearly three years ago, the 35th edition of Hancock Canal Run. Life has changed quite a bit since then — for I have been watching my figure (grow) and weight (be described by a monotonically increasing function with time), and then again, much of it has stayed the same — for my mind has sowed the seeds of running in other races, and then failed to follow through while blaming the body for procrastination. Hancock Canal Run in itself came and went twice, so did Journey’s in Eagle River, WI. Keeping the name calling business to a minimum, I shall not mention several other races and/or running groups that I failed to register and/or participate.

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2010: Hancock Canal Run

It was little under a year ago, July 18th, 2009 to be precise, that I saw many a good friends [Brian, Cal, Ian, Laura, Nils and more] effortlessly run past the (34th Annual) Hancock Canal Run finish line that my mind sew the seeds of being one such in its 35th edition. Training [if it could be so called] ensued and after a considerable amount of it, I did take part in Lake Linden 5k/10k [organized by Rick, Chris and many good friends] and finish it rather successfully [5k – 27:36 min]. Summer soon ended, fall then followed, colors changed, life got busier and the seeds that were once sown soon were buried deep under the snow.

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