My experiments with light

I formally got into photography in 2004. Learning with friends, holding each other accountable and being a Physics major with some exposure to optics and inner workings of a camera made me better both at capturing scenes and albeit minimal, digital post-processing. By 2006, photography had turned into a passion consuming any/all free time and in turn, became a gateway to appreciate nature, understand sports, travel more and interact with people.

One of my photographs, Mystic River, made it to National Geographic - what was to me then, and still is now, the Holy Grail of nature photography. It earned a spot amongst Daily Dozen on 6th June 2008, was voted the Audience Favorite for June 2008 and as the Editor's Choice, was published in the January 2009 issue of the National Geographic Magazine. It went on to earn the Photo of the Day honor for 23rd April 2009 and was subsequently selected as one of the best wallpapers of April 2009 and 2009. I have contributed thousands of images to Michigan Tech Athletics (many of which have been featured in NCAA publications) and I consider myself blessed to have over a dozen friends trust me with capturing their I Do festivities.