THE JINX IS BROKEN … On National Television!!!

As weird as it might sound, none of the men’s team from my school, Michigan Tech, had ever beaten a men’s team from our arch rivals, Northern Michigan, when I was part of the audience. I thought it had to do with my physical presence in the gym but apparently watching them over the internet was jinxed too. As ashamed as I was about this, I was equally proud of the fact that none of our women’s team had ever lost to the arch rivals; but I must admit – shame over-weighed my pride by a few orders of magnitude, in spite of the concerned athletes trying to convince me that it was them and not me

Huskies blew away Wildcats in Marquette’s Superior Dome (NMU’s home field) in a nationally televised Division II Football Game of the Week (thanks to CBS College Sports Network and FSN Detroit) to lay claim to the Miner’s Cup. During my recent trip up north, a bunch of these football players had promised to break my jinx and true to their words, that JINX is history now 🙂

God bless the internet and Skype, I got to watch this with buddy Kyle in Alaska. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever watched a game on TV (or any other program for that matter), in which I could claim personal acquaintance to so many – athletes, coaching staff and fans included. In spite of being over a thousand miles away from the venue, I couldn’t forget my usual role in such events and as such, ended up shooting some pictures:

Michigan Tech @ Northern Michigan

These and rest of the pictures from this game are here.

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  1. @Soumya:
    Yeah – it was a wonderful game to watch although I would have loved to be there in person to see our exploits. But I did learn a lot more about NMU’s sports heritage which I probably wouldn’t have had I been there along the sidelines.

    About shooting pictures – yeah, I couldn’t control myself (old habits die hard I guess); the computer you see in other pictures was set in front of the television in order to re-telecast the game to Alaska via Skype – so that I could watch it with Kyle 😛

    You should go to some games when you can – Volleyball season is underway and we have been playing well; Basketball season starts soon too!

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