PHP, MySQL & Pagination


The instructions/steps/scripts/methods given below worked for me running CentOS. It may very well work for you on other linux distributions, Red Hat-like or otherwise. Please note that if you decide to use these instructions on your machine, you are doing so entirely at your very own discretion and that neither this site,, nor its author is responsible for any/all damage – intellectual or otherwise.

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25th Army Science Conference

Blue Gene, a massively parallel supercomputer of IBM, occupies as much space as this room [room that we were in, capable of comfortably seating over 500 people], eats about 2MW of power and does only 1015 operations per second. However, each of the human brain in this room occupies about 0.06 cubic feet of space, does 1016 operations per second and how much power do you think it consumes?

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One Day In Lambeau Field

OK, before I go on to write anything about my experience on this day, I am obligated to warn you that the much (or almost all of the material) contained pertains to National Football League (a.k.a. American Football, Pile-Up Game, or whatever else you may know it as…) and that you may not appreciate the material if you do not know understand this wonderful game.

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2006: Northwestern Rendezvous

Didn’t I promise to tell you about some exotic adventure in my previous entry? Hopefully, my narration/description will live up to your expectations – if not, take a tour of these places and you can feel it yourself. BTW, I am looking for a way to generate a map of the route that was followed in this trip – if any of you know a decent way of getting it done, please do let me know.

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2006: India Trip – Return Journey

All in all, although I felt severe shortage of time sometimes, this trip to India was a pretty good one. Attending the Cochin Conference, visiting schools/institutions I studied in, talking to my teachers, hanging out with friends, roaming in/around/outside of Bangalore, seeing places that I had never seen before in my life, seeing people that I had only known via their email-ids, making lot more new friends, shooting tons (and tons) of pictures (over 4000 of them in about 30 days to be approximately precise) and doing somethings I was long wanting to do and such… At the same time, I didn’t find enough time to meet everyone I wanted to meet, visit all places I wanted to visit and do everything else I wanted to do either… This four-line poem describes, in short, as to how a moment turns into eternity.

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2006: India Trip – Western Ghats

Our trip to BiLigiri Rangana Hills helped improve my health to a significant extent. But staying in Bangalore and roaming around in some awesomely polluted parts promptly did its part and the cough/bad-throat related issues showed no signs of letting go. I was forced to stay at home, much to my mom’s liking – she has been complaining that I am using the house as a boarding & lodging facility. Using this free time, I changed the blog title (you would have noticed it) – from something plain & boring to what I think is fancier & more meaningful. Nature handed a friend of mine with some family emergency and I hung out with couple other friends – roaming around some popular streets of Bangalore (what I saw/did will be part of next entry) – at the end of which I had just two things on my mind. One, to visit Bangalore University and meet some teachers; two, to disappear into the wild and get rid of my cough.

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2006: India Trip – B R Hills Wilderness

We (Kalyan, Phillip Ross and yours truly) set off on a pleasant Sunday morning, amidst not so much traffic, far far away from concrete jungle and towards a more natural forest. I was very very impressed with the quality of Mysore-Bangalore 4-lane highway (last time around, I had slept for much of the journey) and also the food at Kamat Lokaruchi, one of the several popluar drive-in restaurants. Discussions for much of the journey hovered around bird watching (not the colloquial type but the literal one) and needless to mention, much of it flew past my head in a jiffy.

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2006: India Trip – Ranganatittu and Mysore

It had been a few days since /me arrived in Bangalore from the Cochin Conference and I did catch up with few things – meeting some of my friends, visiting BASE (Bangalore Association for Science Education) wherein I not only had the opportunity to talk to BSS, CVV & HRM (Dr. B S Shylaja, Dr. C V Vishweshwara & H R Madhusudana) but was privileged enough to see the first (trial) screening of Grand Canyon with them 🙂 Let me not get carried away with the Canyon story – I love that place and love the fact that it can make just about anyone very very humble… My high school was also in the neighborhood of BASE and I did visit it, though only few teachers (who taught me over a decade ago) were still working, spending over an hour talking with them (and shooting pictures, should I explicitly say so?).

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