MAC – Quick Fix For WPA2 Password Prompt Issue @ Michigan Tech

Every once in a while, my Apple MacBook Pro – running Mac OS X [Snow Leopard] 10.6.4 – starts prompting for password before connecting to Michigan Tech‘s (@MichiganTech) WPA2 Enterprise network.

While it’s not a difficult task to enter the password once [or many times] a day, it nevertheless is painful. After some googling around and trial n’ error, I have a solution – it worked for me and it might very well work for you. But as always, the instructions come with no guarantee and that you will use them at your very own discretion. More importantly, you will be solely responsible for any/all damage inflicted upon yourself by following this process, intellectual &/or otherwise.

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    1. Mind if I pass your note on to the reference crew. We rarely get calls about problems with the wireless, but we do get them once in a while.

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