BASH – vasp2xyz, a script to extract coordinates from VASP

Users of VASP are often familiar with the struggles/hardships to easily visualize the coordinates from the output file OUTCAR. To that effect, I wrote the following script … with help at a crucial stage from Pat Krogel, Center for Experimental Computation at Michigan Technological University. It requires the OUTCAR and POSCAR files from a VASP simulation to be in the same folder and when successfully completed, it generates in – containing frame-by-frame XYZ coordinate information corresponding to each (optimization) step.

The script is part of a GitHub repository.

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  1. Hi….I already save the script with the name but I have some problem to execute the program….This is what happen when I want to use the program :

    [revival@localhost Program]$ vasp2xyz
    bash: vasp2xyz: command not found

    Could someone give me an answer about this???


    1. It is important [and often assumed] that you place these programs/scripts in one of the locations defined by PATH variable. You could check for this by running the command:

      echo $PATH

      One such common location for keeping user’s personal collection of scripts is ‘bin‘ folder within your $HOME directory. Be sure to change the permission of the downloaded script to 755 [or at least 700] by running the command:

      chmod 700

      Assuming that you are using the default shell [/bin/bash] for your login, you will need to add the following line to $HOME/.bashrc file:

      export PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"

      Save the file and run the command:

      . $HOME/.bashrc

      Once these [customary] steps are completed, you can call [or any such script stored in your ‘bin‘ folder] from just about any other folder.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Dear Gowtham,,,,thanks so much for your reply and I did like you told me,,,and this is the result :

      I change the mode of vasp2xyz
      [revival@localhost Program]$ chmod 700

      I put the bin path into the .bashrc
      [revival@localhost Program]$ vi ~/.bashrc

      #this is for

      export PATH=”$HOME/bin:$PATH”

      and then I try again to execute the and it doesn’t work

      [revival@localhost Program]$
      bash: command not found

      This is the $PATH

      [revival@localhost Program]$ echo $PATH

      Is there anything that I miss to do???? I’m sorry to ask a very basic question like this because I’m still a newbee in linux,,,,this is the first year for me to learn linux but I’m improving much after I read your reply

      Thanks so much Gowtham


    3. Dear Gowtham

      This is the result

      [revival@localhost bin]$ $HOME/bin/
      bash: /home/revival/bin/ /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

      I already put the file in bin folder,,,,how do you think Gowtham???


    4. Ok – I think I know the problem. The error message says /bin/bash^M. ^M indicates invisible Carriage Return character. To get rid of them, do the following:

      1. vi $HOME/bin/

      2. :g/CTRL+V+M/s///g

      CTRL+V+M means hold down the Control Key along with V & M

      3. :wq

      4. Then try $HOME/bin/

      And let me know if this works.

  2. Dear Gowtham

    I try like you told me and I find something strange

    [revival@localhost bin]$ vi $HOME/bin/

    then I type :g/CTRL+V+M/s///g

    Then I press my keyboard

    And it says :

    E486: Pattern not found: CTRL+V+M

    Then I save it :wq

    After that I try again

    [revival@localhost bin]$
    bash: /home/revival/bin/ /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

    for information,,,,,I’m using mandriva operating system,,,,I don’t know whether it always happens like this with mandriva

    So Gowtham,,,,how do you think???

    Thanks so much for helping a newbee like me


    1. Dear Gowtham

      I try it again

      I type g/CTRL+V+M/s///g

      CTRL+V+M means hold down the Control Key along with V & M
      and then I press Enter on my keyboard….This is the result :

      E486: Pattern not found: ^M

      So I save it again,,,,and then I type in command line

      [revival@localhost ~]$ $HOME/bin/
      bash: /home/revival/bin/ /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

      How do you think Gowtham???


    2. OK – the last trick in my bag is to try the following command:

      dos2unix $HOME/bin/

      and see if the command works.

      If not, then you are better off literally typing out the script.

    3. Dear gowtham

      I’m sorry to tell you bad result,,,,it’s fail again,,,

      [revival@localhost ~]$ dos2unix $HOME/bin/
      bash: dos2unix: command not found

      Then I think I will need to type out the script by own,,,,anyway,,,,thanks so much for helping until now,,,,I appreciate all your kindness

      I will tell again the result


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