2011: Quincy Mine

Founded in 1846 by the merger of the Northwest Mining Company and the Portage Mining Company (resulting from poor communication between government offices, these two speculative mining companies had purchased the same tracts of land during the mining rush of the early 1840s), the Quincy Mining Company is an extensive set of copper mines. Known more commonly as the Old Reliable, it operated through 1945 and was the leading producer of copper from 1863 to 1867.

By the time production ceased in 1945, the Quincy #2 shaft was the world’s deepest, at 9260 ft along the dip of the deposit. To raise and lower workers and ore into this shaft, the world’s largest steam-driven mine hoist was built in 1918 and housed in the Quincy #2 Hoist House. Weighing more than 880 tons, it lifted 10 tons of ore at about 36 mph.

The Quincy Mine operated for decades with almost no automation. It took about an hour or more for miners to climb down ladders by the light of the candles in their pit helmets. The company didn’t even supply the candles: the miners had to buy them from the company.

Although in later years, the facilities for miners improved significantly – including reduced hours in a shift and better living conditions – helping Quincy Mining Company retain their services for longer periods of time and turn into one of the premier mining companies in the region.

EXIF and other information

Archive ID n2c_111-5269
Date and Time 2011-08-14 09:59:32
GPS Date and Time Image does not include relevant information
GPS Location 47.13027 N, -88.57355 E, 780 ft (Goolgle Map: Pin | Directions)
Camera Nikon D200
Lens AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED
Focal Length 10.5 mm (35 mm equivalent: 15.0 mm)
Mode Aperture-priority AE
Shutter Speed 1/8 second(s)
Aperture f/8.0
ISO 100
Exposure Bias 0
Flash No
Filters None
Light Value 9.0
Hyperfocal Distance 0.66 m
Focus Distance 0.20 m
Depth of Field 0.13 m (0.15 - 0.28)
Field of View 97.3 deg (0.45 m)
Notes/Remarks ±2 stop and HDR using Photomatix Pro

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