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1 Why I Prescribe Marathons For Milers
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2 The Food And Nutrient Intakes Of The Tarahumara Indians Of Mexico
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10 The Cognitive Benefits Of Interacting With Nature
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11 Resting Heart Rate: A Modifiable Prognostic Indicator Of Cardiovascular Risk And Outcomes?
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15 Prediction Of Marathon Performance Time On The Basis Of Training Indices
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16 Effect Of Blueberry Ingestion On Natural Killer Cell Counts, Oxidative Stress, And Inflammation Prior To And After 2.5 H Of Running
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19 Look Back In Wonder: Deena And Meb In Retrospect
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21 6 Ways To Take Your Running To The Next Level
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23 Modeling Of Running Performances In Humans: Comparison Of Power Laws And Critical Speed
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24 Prolonged Fasting-Induced Metabolic Signatures In Human Skeletal Muscle Of Lean And Obese Men
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25 A Time To Fast
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26 Training Pace Calculator
Runner's World
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27 World-Class Long-Distance Running Performances Are Best Predicted By Volume Of Easy Runs And Deliberate Practice Of Short-Interval And Tempo Runs
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28 Exactly How To Train Your Legs Without Screwing Up Your Running Routine
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29 A Review Of The Science Of Colorful, Plant-Based Food And Practical Strategies For 'Eating The Rainbow'
Deanna Minich
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30 Real Buzz Running Research
Real Buzz (201x)
31 Post-Workout Mistakes
Jennifer Fox (2019)
32 Top 10 Training Sins
Data Sport
Data Sport (2019)
33 10/10/10 Marathon Racing Method
Ashley Mateo
Runner's World (2019)
34 Science Helped Me Run My First Marathon In 3 Hours And 21 Minutes
Claire Maldarelli
Popular Science (2019)
35 Effects Of Intermittent Fasting On Health, Aging, And Disease
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36 Feeding Rhythms And The Circadian Regulation Of Metabolism
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37 Maximum Aerobic Function: Clinical Relevance, Physiological Underpinnings, And Practical Application
Philip Maffetone, Paul B. Laursen
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