String2Image – A Web Utility To Convert Strings Into Graphics

Why Strings As Graphics, you ask? There are a myriad of reasons and/or applications where strings need to converted to graphics and one such, probably most commonly seen, application is to put our email address on the web. We want it there but we don’t want anyone (the bots) stealing it. If nothing else, this web based utility should help us a bit in that regard.

As I have done previously for other utilities – LaTeX2Graphics and KannadaLaTeX2Graphics – I have used Andreas Reigber‘s simple yet elegant (command line) utility called TeX2Im. Using this web-based utility is pretty simple. Just type-in (or paste) the string in the form and copy/save the graphic to your computer.


Strings as Graphics

Just An Example

One can get started by accessing this page. I understand that this web-based utility might have some bugs. If you have issues/problems using it, please feel free to post your issue/concern as a comment in the form below and either me or someone else will respond.

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