2006: India Trip – In God’s Own Land

Before I go on and write good things, as usual, I must write about bad things. Like I mentioned in my previous entry, all the excitement I had about Bangalore vanished into thin air (or thick smoke, to be precise) within few minutes into the traffic. These certain bad things and some good things need an entry all by themselves, and my next one is all about such things.

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2006: India Trip – The Journey

Yesterday didn’t end till early hours of today and it was about 2.30 am when I got done with few last minute things – checking seating for first leg of the journey in CMX, having my carry-on luggage weighed, packing and re-packing, making sure that I had all the required documents, visiting Quincy Mine (and walking back from there to Heights), handing over keys to Kyle for system maintenance and writing a cron-job to gracefully shut down my server on 20th August (I couldn’t get apcupsd to work – my APS doesn’t seem to have a USB port, or I couldn’t find it), and such…

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