CSS – Floating Next/Previous Links On Images

Why is this necessary, you ask? Ever since I first used PixelPost and deliciously delicious theme, I had been wanting to do something similar for my own photo gallery. Since PixelPost [nor any other photoblog software] ever came close to satisfying my needs, I ended up writing [still a work in progress to some extent] one on my own and the desire to have a jazzy Next and Previous links floating on images. Not reading through the CSS and trying to understand how exactly it was to be accomplished, I was under the [wrong] assumption that knowledge of Javascript was necessary/mandatory.

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MAC – Upgrading MacPorts

Wondering why is this necessary? Citing MacPorts,

An installation of MacPorts and the ports installed by it are only designed to work on a single OS release and a single CPU architecture. If you upgrade to a new OS version (e.g. from Tiger to Leopard) or migrate to a new machine with a different type of CPU (e.g. PowerPC to Intel), you may get lucky and have your ports keep working, but in general, things will break.

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Producing Script r In LaTeX Expressions

When we have so many letters already, why would one need this fancy little Script r? While typesetting mathematical expressions that govern our (beautiful & elegant) physical universe, often one runs out of symbols and as such, it becomes necessary to use the same letter/character in different styles to convey the intended meaning. Electrodynamics and Gravitation are just a couple such fields that often use – fortunately or unfortunately – a variation of alphabet r, called the script r. I did try to generate this elusive script r in LaTeX for quite a few years and failed miserably every time. However a few days ago, Dr. Cantrell was looking for a way to accomplish the same and as such revived my almost forgotten interest in script r.

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