2006: India Trip – Ranganatittu and Mysore

It had been a few days since /me arrived in Bangalore from the Cochin Conference and I did catch up with few things – meeting some of my friends, visiting BASE (Bangalore Association for Science Education) wherein I not only had the opportunity to talk to BSS, CVV & HRM (Dr. B S Shylaja, Dr. C V Vishweshwara & H R Madhusudana) but was privileged enough to see the first (trial) screening of Grand Canyon with them 🙂 Let me not get carried away with the Canyon story – I love that place and love the fact that it can make just about anyone very very humble… My high school was also in the neighborhood of BASE and I did visit it, though only few teachers (who taught me over a decade ago) were still working, spending over an hour talking with them (and shooting pictures, should I explicitly say so?).

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2006: India Trip – In God’s Own Land

Before I go on and write good things, as usual, I must write about bad things. Like I mentioned in my previous entry, all the excitement I had about Bangalore vanished into thin air (or thick smoke, to be precise) within few minutes into the traffic. These certain bad things and some good things need an entry all by themselves, and my next one is all about such things.

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