(Word)Camping in New York City

Considering the fact that I have been using / playing with / hacking this beautiful piece of Open Source Software called WordPress for as long as I have been, it did surprise me quite a bit that it took me so long to attend my first WordCamp. Then again, I shouldn’t be that surprised – geographical remoteness of Paradise played its part to some extent. Having gotten into the city a day earlier, I had the opportunity to (eat &) walk around in parts of it (that I had never seen before – including Central Park) with a new found friend (and a long time citizen of Packers nation). Much of the evening (and night and early hours of Sunday) was spent hanging out with some friends that I have known for a looooong time and some that I got to know hours earlier.

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An Evening In Yankees Universe

The Days (Years) Leading Up To The Day

Doordarshan It was the mid 90s – while much of our community was enjoying the new found concept of Satellite TV (Star Sports, BBC, CNN and Chinese Entertainment were the only satellite channels on the menu), the concept of TV itself – as was everything else that had anything to do with technology – was a pretty new phenomenon in our household. With only two channels [decent looking Doordarshan (DD) and mostly scrambled Doordarshan2 [DD2]) and an occasional news paper subscription to stay tuned with happenings around the world, I had rarely seen any sport in action – other than Cricket, Soccer, (Field) Hockey, Tennis and Swimming to some extent.

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