Heading Home

As I may [not] have mentioned, I have been on the move for the last 8 days or so. Unlike the last time I moved, I took enough time to plan out the journey as much as possible. If you are short of time, just know that I am now in the same place where my heart & soul are and that the 1600 mile journey from the Garden State to Great Lakes State was smoother than I had anticipated. But if you do have time, then read on 🙂

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New Jersey – It Ain’t Just About Turn Pike And Parkway

As the only new state that is old enough to be called only by its last name and still make the exact same sense [think about it – New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York all still need the New specification], it gets a lot of bad rap for more than one reason: for much of the rest of the country, it’s a piece of land that follows New York City during day time and takes a backseat to Philadelphia around/after sunset; if you ask the residents of Jersey City and Camden, they probably would rather be considered as suburbs of New York City and Philadelphia than a part of New Jersey; for most New Yorkers and Philadelphians, it’s an unnecessary clump of landmass that adds 100+ miles to the commute between their respective cities [ask the Giants/Eagles fans, or the Mets/Phillies faithfuls, if you don’t want to trust me].

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Season As A Stray Mac

Obsessed with SoftballFor those that have known me for last six years or so, my obsession with softball is nothing new. I love this game so much so that holy spirits have been taking a back seat from early Spring till late Fall for the last couple years (thanks to a dear someone who solved the mystery behind my last season’s slump) and my body is put through a not-so-rigorous yet unusual work out sessions. This Spring was no different – having moved to the East Coast for work, I had to find a new team to play with. I saw a flier advertising the local Softball Club during my first visit to the Fitness Center at work place and a staff member even charted out a detailed plan to improve my throwing / hitting skills. Dear Bucky even sent a glorious recommendation letter to the league mentioned in the flier:

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A Tour Of Two Mines – Sterling Hill and Franklin

March 29, 2008 – a warm, yet pleasant Saturday afternoon – I was driving back from my first visit to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area when I saw the signs to mineral museum – not one, but two!! I should have carried The Picking Table (Journal of The Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society) that Dr. Jaszczak had given me a while ago. Not knowing which of the two mines he had mentioned, I followed signs to the Franklin Mineral Museum in Franklin, NJ. A few minutes of chit-chat with friendly personnel and filling out the membership form, I headed towards the Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, NJ. It didn’t take too long to hear the voice – that Dr. Jaszczak had mentioned about and it didn’t take too long to realize why people listen when the man behind this voice spoke. Though all mine tours were done for the day, Mr. Hauck was kind enough to take me along during his closing the doors routine.

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A Day In Princeton University

As I mentioned in my previous entry, my camera gear has been catching dust most of the time – barring couple indoor occasions. The process of settling down and setting up the apartment – as I mentioned in the same post – had kept me indoors and more importantly, kept me away from the Weekend Photo-Expedition routine that I have become so used to. While I was wondering where to go and what to shoot so as to (re)start/continue the routine, I just realized that yesterday was Einstein’s 129th birthday 🙂 Knowing that and knowing that he worked in Princeton for a while, it wasn’t a tough decision to make: Princeton University would be the destination for my first photo-expedition in this part of the universe.

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