An Evening In Motown Palace

It was in March 2005; while walking back from Day #1 of APS Meeting I told my advisor that I had declined a $70 ticket for a Lakers-Sonics game at Staples Center. He wasn’t too happy about my decision and since then, I had been planning on making amends for it…. My fanatic affiliation to Detroit Pistons at that time (in 2002-2004) was minimal at best and even when Pistons won the NBA Championship in 2004, I was a fan of a certain team from La-La land… But thanks to Dave Bezotte, Evan Dixon (who explained all the rules & regulations and answered all my dumb/stupid questions while watching countless number of games on TV) and Cory Arthur — during my stay in 1105 Jasper for two years (2004-06) — yours-truly turned into a die-hard Pistons fan.

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