BASH – vasp2xyz, a script to extract coordinates from VASP

Users of VASP are often familiar with the struggles/hardships to easily visualize the coordinates from the output file [OUTCAR]. To that effect, I wrote the following script [with help at a crucial stage from Pat Krogel, CEC @ MTU]. It expects OUTCAR & POSCAR from a calculation to be in the same folder and when successfully completed, it results in – containing frame-by-frame [corresponding to each (optimization) step] XYZ co-ordinates of the system.

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Well, some of you have been regular readers (and commentors) for my journal in this part of the e-world and such of those have known that I have been in Europe – J├╝lich, Germany – to be precise. However, while chatting with few of my friends, I noticed an incoherent idea as to why yours-truly is in Germany any way… Some thought I was here on a pleasure trip/vacation, some others thought I had too much money and free time to burn, some more thought I was here for a photographic expedition, while only few have known the real reason…

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VASP, MPICH, Intel Compilers and Rocks

Much of the weekend was spent in some relaxation, shoveling snow (I have come to realize that this is a very good exercise – it can make one sweat even when it’s +10F outside!) and trying to debug the errors associated with execution of parallel version of VASP 4.6.28. However, same errors persisted and I didn’t go too far ahead with it.

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