[Another] Perfect Season In Review

It was Thursday, 13th August 2009, the day we, as a team, played just well enough to keep our slates clean and win the Michigan Tech Graduate Softball League Championship. And in festivities that followed in The Downtowner Lounge in Downtown Houghton, a manager of our team [yes, we do have a few – each one, (un)beknownst to others – to manage a different aspect of the game] put forth a seemignly simple question — of the three championships you have been part of so far, which is your favorite one? The answer, albeit sounding cocky & arrogant to those who don’t us/me very well, was a polite The Next One.

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A Not So Perfect Season But Mission Accomplished

Grief … most would define it as the feeling of loss – usually something that happens in our mind and body when something we hold ever so close to ourselves is lost. It happened to a bunch of us, one more time that we ever wanted to experience &/or remember, last year during the Copper Country Church League Softball championship games. We were the winners of the winners bracket and our arch nemesis had to beat us twice to win the championship. And beat us they did – twice – with painstakingly narrow margins to send us home, in grief, to say the least; and in turn, to deal with many stages of dealing with such grief.

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