2006: India Trip – Western Ghats

Our trip to BiLigiri Rangana Hills helped improve my health to a significant extent. But staying in Bangalore and roaming around in some awesomely polluted parts promptly did its part and the cough/bad-throat related issues showed no signs of letting go. I was forced to stay at home, much to my mom’s liking – she has been complaining that I am using the house as a boarding & lodging facility. Using this free time, I changed the blog title (you would have noticed it) – from something plain & boring to what I think is fancier & more meaningful. Nature handed a friend of mine with some family emergency and I hung out with couple other friends – roaming around some popular streets of Bangalore (what I saw/did will be part of next entry) – at the end of which I had just two things on my mind. One, to visit Bangalore University and meet some teachers; two, to disappear into the wild and get rid of my cough.

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