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What's The Story Here?

It was nearly 10 years ago, while riding in the back seat of a car, that I caught a glimpse of this creature. Not knowing what it was and having too much ego to ask others at that time, I used all of my limited imagination and concluded that it was the ugliest donkey I had ever seen.

In the following months, which soon turned into years, knowledge improved and ego went down - albeit ever so slightly - and I realized that said the ugliest donkey was this magnificent creature called the moose. Ever since, I have seen it in pictures shot by others & on television when they cause a traffic jam on US41, heard its presence in Isle Royale National Park and even saw it once in the Shohone National Forest in Wyoming but never came eye-to-eye with one in our very own backyard called the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


I guess 10 years was long enough wait to see a moose or so thought Mother Nature and she decided to lead me on this serendipitous ride: cancelled wedding shoot that kept me in the area, camera mounted with lens rented for the said wedding, detour from the initially planned route [with dear friend Bryant Weathers (@BryantWeathers)] that took me around Pequaming/Aura township, a severely damaged back road that prevented me from visiting another waterfall and a yooper traffic jam on L'Anse-Skanee road that slowed the drive down to a halt - all resulting in witnessing this moose in the wild, let alone with the Moose Crossing sign in front of it - a surreal experience that's pretty hard to phrase into words!

In a 10 mile neighborhood ...

  1. Silver Falls
  2. Power House Falls
  3. Power House Falls
  4. Power House Falls
  5. Keweenaw Ice Bergs
  6. Apostle of The Lakelands
  7. Wax Begonia
  8. Yellow Trout Lily
  9. Bloodroot
  10. Great Blue Heron

Archive ID
Focal Length
Shutter Speed
Exp Bias
Light Value
HF Distance
Focus Distance
Depth of Field
Field of View
2012-03-25 14:52:38 -0400
46.79656 N, -88.38552 E, 880 ft
AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II
170.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 255.0 mm)
Aperture-priority AE
1/500 second(s)
257.64 m
19.95 m
3.08 m (18.53 - 21.61)
8.0 deg (2.79 m)