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2019: Chicago Marathon

The process of 2019 Whitefish Point Marathon was a memorable experience on several fronts. It wasn’t my first time following a well-written training plan. But it was certainly the fist time doing so through our Winters, learning to use cross-country skiing and indoor biking (and even treadmill running) in lieu of or to complement scheduled runs. It was the first time in a training cycle where hilly routes substituted for much of speed, tempo and race pace runs. It was the second marathon training cycle in a row that I hadn’t consciously made time for formal strength training activities.

On the brighter side of things … I had a better handle on nutrition – ate 1-2 meals on most days, had reduced sugary things and limited myself to 3 servings of alcohol in 22 weeks. I got sufficient rest – sleeping at least 7 good hours on most nights. Running form had improved significantly – combination of breathing, heart rate, body posture and cadence, and I had moved away from being a heal striker. Yet Whitefish Point Marathon and one of the tune up events (2019 Journeys Marathon) had exposed my difficulties

  1. running in warmer temperatures (nature of our Winters was a potential explanation),
  2. dealing with long and often imperceptible ascents (I have no explanation or excuse for this one) and
  3. staying focused in the zone in small events that couldn’t/didn’t offer crowd support along the course (I thought the number of solo outings during training were sufficient but reality showed otherwise).

Though I was on track for a finish time in the neighborhood of 3:20-3:25 (would have beaten my previous best time of 3:35:46), a more rewarding opportunity had come along in the second half on race day, and I had no regret (I still don’t) accepting it and finishing with a time of 3:49:25.

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2019: Whitefish Point Marathon UNEDITED DUPLICATE

The process of 2018 Chicago Marathon was a memorable experience on many fronts. It was my first time following a well-written training plan, sticking with a nutrition regiment (or a fad diet?), finding semblance of work-life balance and at the end of about 20 weeks later … running start-to-finish on race day to earn a 26-minute PR. As in most such experiments where the arrow of time flows purely in one direction, there was no opportunity for do overs. But a postpartum (yes, partum instead of mortem – it was the birth of a new experience and not just the completion of an event) analysis revealed a list of things I should have tried and I could have done better.

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