Heading Home

As I may [not] have mentioned, I have been on the move for the last 8 days or so. Unlike the last time I moved, I took enough time to plan out the journey as much as possible. If you are short of time, just know that I am now in the same place where my heart & soul are and that the 1600 mile journey from the Garden State to Great Lakes State was smoother than I had anticipated. But if you do have time, then read on 🙂

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New Jersey – It Ain’t Just About Turn Pike And Parkway

As the only new state that is old enough to be called only by its last name and still make the exact same sense [think about it – New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York all still need the New specification], it gets a lot of bad rap for more than one reason: for much of the rest of the country, it’s a piece of land that follows New York City during day time and takes a backseat to Philadelphia around/after sunset; if you ask the residents of Jersey City and Camden, they probably would rather be considered as suburbs of New York City and Philadelphia than a part of New Jersey; for most New Yorkers and Philadelphians, it’s an unnecessary clump of landmass that adds 100+ miles to the commute between their respective cities [ask the Giants/Eagles fans, or the Mets/Phillies faithfuls, if you don’t want to trust me].

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Season As A Stray Mac

Obsessed with SoftballFor those that have known me for last six years or so, my obsession with softball is nothing new. I love this game so much so that holy spirits have been taking a back seat from early Spring till late Fall for the last couple years (thanks to a dear someone who solved the mystery behind my last season’s slump) and my body is put through a not-so-rigorous yet unusual work out sessions. This Spring was no different – having moved to the East Coast for work, I had to find a new team to play with. I saw a flier advertising the local Softball Club during my first visit to the Fitness Center at work place and a staff member even charted out a detailed plan to improve my throwing / hitting skills. Dear Bucky even sent a glorious recommendation letter to the league mentioned in the flier:

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