A brief history of mine

Gowtham After earning an Engineering Physics PhD from Michigan Tech in 2007, I spent some time working as an application developer for AT&T in its R&D head quarters in Middletown, New Jersey. I returned home in 2009 -- as a post-doctoral fellow in Physics.

I adore and idolize Vishweshwaraiah, Vince Lombardi, my teachers, and few scientists. Collecting and reading books, sports, photography, exploring Upper Michigan's wilderness and toying around with computers -- designing and writing software applications to meet various personal needs, etc. -- keep me busy during free times.

Since the Summer of 2013 and most certainly since that of 2014, much of free time has been invested in aspirations of being a runner and a triathlete -- thanks in great part to my dear friends in and outside of my community for the often unexpected, undeserved, unrewarded acts of constant encouragement, and offerings of constructive criticism, tested tips and tricks.

As much of what I (don't) do or why I (don't) do them appears to make little or no sense, I might be perceived as a very boring, obsessive and socially unacceptable entity, at times very arrogant and insensitive as well. If you still decide to hang out, contact me in person or stalk one or more of my social identities -- LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Garmin -- and I will make it worth your time.

A summary of work

Since January 2011, I have been serving as the Director of Research Computing (in Information Technology), an Adjunct Assistant Professor (in Physics and Electrical and Computer Engineering) with teaching and research responsibilities at Michigan Tech.

The ever evolving job description involves
  1. designing and supporting just about every aspect of research computing and visualization -- from desktops to high-performance computing (HPC) and high-performance visualization (HPV) clusters,
  2. training researchers to utilize aforementioned resources and finding additional ones, when necessary, through XSEDE,
  3. developing and teaching hands-on courses and programs in computational sciences and engineering,
  4. pursuing research in inter-disciplinary fields,
  5. serving on advisory committees for graduate students, and executive committees to improve existing and introduce newer academic programs.

I represent Michigan Tech in Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation, HPC Advisory Council, and NSF XSEDE Campus Champion Program -- developing collaborations and partnerships with industry and other academic institutions to discover internship, job and funding opportunities for students and researchers.